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It was the 1st time that I have used Premier Executive Chauffeur, and the service was Excellent, Very comfortable car with a very pleasant driver too. The driver arrived on time, and his driving was very smooth. I would recommend the company too anyone who requires this type of executive airport service. Thank you Drive for getting me to the Airport in style and on time.

Davey More

I couldn’t be happier with the transport you did. It was great and your car was amazing. Thank you for your great service and I will continue to refer friends and family to you all.

Betty Finsen

Our drivers for this trip were excellent. They were on time, they were kind, they were professional. They each went above and beyond to give our campers an excellent experience. In my opinion, they were two of the best drivers we’ve had in the last summer.

Ann 36

Our company used Premier Executive Chauffeur 2 to 3 times a week for business trips from Solihull to London and Manchester. We have used other companies in the past but this guys at Premier are on a different level. The drivers, the cars and the service are outstanding. I cannot recommend this company enough. Thank you guys for your outstanding service.

Mark Welmen

Great experience with this company I have used many others in Solihull but this was by far the best you guys made our trip so easy. Great customer service, wonderful drivers and by far the best and most affordable transportation company I have used. Thank you soo much!


Our driver was the best we could ask for. It’s the driver that tames the bus, not the other way around. He deserves recognition for his commitment to work.

Henry Smith

I hired Premier Executive Chauffeur to pick me up at the Birmingham Airport with their Executive Saloon. I had just got back from a long trip in Germany and was very tired. The driver was on time and extremely courteous and I had no problems at all. Great service!

Kevin Foster

I have used Premier Executive Chauffeur for a number of times now for business travel and private. Their service is phenomenal, high quality cars and affordable price. I always find them as one the best chauffeur company in terms of cars, quality of service and price. I couldn't ask for more. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Premier Executive Chauffeur to anyone.

Gemma Edwards

This is the best service I have had so far. The driver was punctual and very helpful, he knew the city well. His skills helped avoid traffic jams. I will recommend Premier to all my friends!

Mitch Michael